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    516 Point Bay, Durban: Airbnb Apartment Review

    So before you even scroll or read any further: Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, here is the link: Waseema Reyazuddin on Youtube While international traveling makes me giddy like a shopaholic on Black Friday, most of my travels are from Johannesburg to Durban to visit my family. We do about 2-4 trips per year with our 2 boys. Previously, we’d stay at the same hotel and do the same things, each time we went to Durban. Ascribing this to “it’s what our budget allows”. Can you guess what our experience was like each time?… relatively the same, meh!. They were predictable and boring, apart from meeting the family…

  • cinnabons recipe


    I’m always looking for recipes for our favourite eat out snacks, meals and deserts to recreate at home. So it’s safe to say that I’ve tried atleast a few Cinnabon recipes, This recipe is so easy and delicious, you will be making these over again. I will definitely be using the dough to create my other favorites like mock croissants and jam puffs. The Recipe is below. Here’s my pictorial process:) What my kids have to say: “Mum, please make extra this time!” “I love the Cinnabons you make, more than the shop Cinnabons!” “Can you make me Cinnabons for my Birthday!” When your kids give you a thumbs up……

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    Reacting to Muslim Influencers removing their scarf!

    I asked you on Instagram, how you felt about Muslim social media personalities removing their scarf, a current trend, and you replied. I have also read tons of comments. Social media, spanning more than a decade, is still very much in its foundation phase. Many things we are facing as Muslims on media today, are still new to us. How we deal with things and each other on social media is mostly a knee jerk “reaction”. Until things become prevalent, then only do we begin to “choose” our responses carefully. There are “reaction videos” to Muslim personalities, who wore their scarves and were advocates of the hijab and then completely…