R350 per hour

For areas in Johannesburg only, travel is free of charge.
Travel calculated at additional R6 per km if further than 30kms from Fourways to your venue.

Price includes: as many images captured per hour with 15 edited images per hour. Direction on placement and pose and other valuable advice is also provided.

Waseema Reyazuddin is a self taught photographer, and loves to work with bloggers, makeup artists, media shoots, collaborations, workshops, small events and creating social media content. She understands that photography is about more than just capturing a subject but is also an art form, capturing emotions, moments and playing with light, shade, textures, placement and perception. She has worked alongside major influencers and businesses in capturing both them as well as their products, venues and more. 

Her work has been featured on the cover of Covered Magazine numerous times. She provides a budget friendly option for smaller requests.